Grandview! June 23-25

Grandview 2011
Grandview Map

The next SBVAA star party is this weekendJune 23rd-25th, 2017, and will be held at the Grandview campground in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine National Forest located in the White Mountains near Big Pine, CA. See map below.

This site can have some of the darkest skies and best seeing conditions available anywhere near here, all in a setting of great scenic beauty! Come join us in this first of our twice yearly pilgrimages to an observer's Mecca!


Partner News

The Fizzy Seas of Titan

With clouds, rain, seas, lakes and a nitrogen-filled atmosphere, Saturn's moon Titan appears to be one of the worlds most similar to Earth in the solar system. But it's still alien; its seas and lakes are full not of water but liquid methane and ethane. [PDF]


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