Founded in 1958, the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers' (SBVAA) goals have been to organize amateur astronomers in the San Bernardino Valley area, increase their knowledge and excitement in astronomy and spread that knowledge to the community. Members of the SBVAA have the opportunity to attend regular club meetings, local and distant star parties, guest speakers' presentations and other special events.

Club's New Home

Just got back from a meeting this morning with the head of “The Grove School” in Redlands. They are very excited about having us meet there and doing viewing events. We don’t have to pay anything and a volunteer will open and close the building for us. To accommodate them, I changed our meeting time to 6:00 pm, so our pre-meeting dinner will be moved up to 4:30.


Club Meeting Update

It looks like the club has found a new location, The Grove School in Redlands, but we haven’t got the details ironed out yet.  In fact, Chris got an email  on Monday (9/9) from our friend out at The Wildlands Conservancy that the school wanted us (she knows the principal).  Since the Sept. meeting is only a week and a half off, we won’t be scrambling to make that date, will try to do so next month.  However, we’ll still plan on having the dinner at Sizzler from 5:00 to 7:00, no matter what.


Partner News

Twinkle, twinkle, variable star

Despite the tumultuous and extreme conditions within our sun, its energy output varies only slightly—about 0.1%. Take a look at a red giant, though, and you could witness variabilities thousands of times that over the course of a single year. A great example of this is the first pulsating variable star ever discovered—Mira. Why does Mira behave this way, and what does it tell us about the fate of our own sun? Find out in this month's column! [PDF]


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