June Meeting

Mars - Fabio and Gabriela Brazil 2002

Meeting on Saturday, June 18.  Topic: The Red Planet by Chris Clarke
viewing of Mars after the meeing (bring your scopes)

May Meeting

Grandview - Megan Huynh

The next club meeting this is Saturday, 7:00pm at the First Christian Church.  The main feature is a presentation by Martin Carey and Chris Clarke on what to expect when visiting Grandview (our summer dark skies get-away).  The pre-meeting dinner is from 5:00pm - 6:30pm at the Pepper Steak Resturant.

Partner News

Hubble's bubble lights up the interstellar rubble

When isolated stars like our Sun reach the end of their lives, they're expected to blow off their outer layers in a roughly spherical configuration: a planetary nebula. But the most spectacular bubbles don't come from gas-and-plasma getting expelled into otherwise empty space, but from young, hot stars whose radiation pushes against the gaseous nebulae in which they were born. While most of our Sun's energy is found in the visible part of the spectrum, more massive stars burn at hotter temperatures, producing more ionizing, ultraviolet light, and also at higher luminosities. A star some 40-45 times the mass of the Sun, for example, might emits energy at a rate hundreds of thousands of times as great as our own star.  [PDF]


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