Founded in 1958, the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers' (SBVAA) goals have been to organize amateur astronomers in the San Bernardino Valley area, increase their knowledge and excitement in astronomy and spread that knowledge to the community. Members of the SBVAA have the opportunity to attend regular club meetings, local and distant star parties, guest speakers' presentations and other special events.

New Home 2015

Fidel announced at the Holiday Get-Together that SBVAA will be meeting at a new location beginning in January 2015.  The location is:

First Christian Church
2102 Foothill Drive East
San Bernardino, California 92404

Google Map:


Take the 210
Get off on Del Rosa and head north
Turn right onto Foothill Drive E
Go past Sterling Dr and the church will be on the left


Partner News

Space Place in a Snap: Where Does the Sun's Energy Come From?

This month, the Space Place is doing something a little bit different for our monthly column—providing you with a beautifully informative and educational poster about the mechanics of our sun. This poster accompanies our latest "Space Place in a Snap" animation. This "Snap" series is a set of narrated videos and posters that, together, explain basic scientific concepts in a dynamic new medium. Entertaining in their own right, we also wish to bring this new resource to your attention as an educational tool. In this edition, we address the important question of why our sun is so hot.

To see the video that goes along with this poster, visit:   [PDF]


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