In Photos: Rocket Lab and Its Electron Booster -

Rocket Lab aims to make space far more accessible via its Electron booster, which is designed to launch small payloads to orbit for about $5 million per liftoff. See photos of Electron in action here.

Expedition 57: The Space Station Mission in Photos -

In 2018, three astronauts flew the 57th mission to the International Space Station, a trip that included much science, dazzling views and a harrowing launch abort for other crewmembers. See photos of the mission here.

Best Space Photography Books -

Here are writers' and editors' picks for photo collections and astrophotography books that will transport you to other worlds.

Where Are All the Aliens? 'Out There' Book Excerpt -

In 'Out There' (Grand Central Publishing, 2018), senior writer Mike Wall tackles the search for alien life from many different angles and discusses humanity's drive to get off its natal rock. Read an excerpt from the new book here.


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