Marshall Space Flight Center: Test Site for NASA's Rockets

Marshall Space Flight Center plays a significant role in the American space program, from developing the rockets that carried the first U.S. astronaut into space to working on the system that could one day carry astronauts to Mars.

Live Webcasts! How to Watch the Super Blue Blood Moon Online

The rare Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse of Jan. 31 will thrill early-morning skywatchers around the world on Wednesday, but you'll have plenty of ways to watch it if you don't live in a region of totality. Here's where to see it.

NASA Postpones Spacewalk at Space Station to Mid-February

NASA officials on Saturday (Jan. 27) postponed a planned spacewalk at the International Space Station this week after developing a software patch for a glitch that two astronauts had expected to fix during the spacewalk.

Baikonur Cosmodrome: Russian Launch Complex

Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan has been the launch site for Soviet and Russian space missions since the beginning of space exploration in 1957.

Triton: Neptune's Odd Moon

Triton has some peculiarities about its environment, including the fact that it orbits backward to Neptune's rotation and seems to have undergone a huge melt in the past.

'Please Stand By' Is a Fun Commentary on 'Star Trek'

You're a smart young woman who holds down a job and watches "Star Trek" as a hobby. Then the dream of a lifetime comes — you have the chance to send a movie-length script into Paramount Studios for a "Star Trek" fan contest.

Rocket Lab Launch Also Tested New Kick Stage

The successful launch of Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket Jan. 20 also tested a kick stage designed to circularize the orbits of its satellite payloads.