The Week's Most Amazing Stories from Space!

A NASA Mars lander passes a big test, an interstellar asteroid gets weirder, light pollution is on the rise and the Mercury 13 female astronaut trainees get their own series in this week's biggest stories from space!

#BlackHoleFriday Takes NASA By Storm

It's Black Friday, and if you're a space fan looking to escape from shopping madness, NASA has what you need: #BlackHoleFriday.

Spot the Constellation Cetus: Sea Monster or Whale?

In the southern part of the sky at around 9 p.m. this week is the large constellation Cetus, which is identified either as a whale or a sea monster depending on what astronomy book or sky guide you consult.

Best Telescopes for the Money

Here are the best telescopes for the money. Our top picks include recommendations for city dwellers, hobbyists and gift -givers, as well as budget picks. Our editors have selected a few of the best options in each of five categories.

Black Friday 2017 Deal: Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0

Black Friday 2017 is upon us and there are tons of deals for space fans on Amazon, but if you're looking for something special (and educational) for your little space cadet, this Elegoo Smart Robot Car V3.0 kit might be just the thing.