Look for the Moon, Saturn and Antares in the Sky Tonight

If the weather is clear in your area on Tuesday evening (Sept. 26), you’ll have an opportunity to see what probably are the two "most asked for" objects to look at through a telescope: the moon and Saturn.

'Cosmic Welcome Mats' Aim to Bring Aliens In

A potential solution to the Fermi Paradox is getting a test this week, with the debut of a suite of "cosmic welcome mats" designed to let intelligent aliens know that Earth is happy to receive them (as long as they wipe their tentacles first, of course).

Australia to Establish National Space Agency

The government of Australia announced Sept. 25 that it plans to formally establish a national space agency, a milestone sought for decades by the country's space industry and other space advocates.

What Is Cosmology? Definition & History

Cosmology by definition is the branch of astronomy involving the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to the future of the cosmos.

How NASA Satellites Are Helping to Halt Malaria Outbreaks

In a few years, NASA's Earth-observing satellites will be tracking the forces that create malaria outbreaks, and their data will help local communities make big strides at warding off the deadly disease.