Secret Spy Satellite Launches Atop Atlas V Rocket

The National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-42 satellite lifted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base early this morning (Sept. 24), streaking skyward atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Apocalypse Now? Doomsday Predictions Are Just Recycled Bogus Theories

Just six years after radio preacher Harold Camping promised the apocalypse, and five years after the end of the Mayan calendar was supposed to extinguish life on Earth as we know it, new doomsday predictions have arrived. This time, they come via YouTube.

Sean Penn to Star in Hulu's Mars Space Drama 'The First'

Move over, Matt Damon – it's time for a new name-brand Hollywood actor to take the stage during a fictional Mars mission. Sean Penn, a two-time Academy Award winner, will star in the Hulu original drama series "The First."