Man Who Traveled to Watch Historic SpaceX Launch Found Dead in Motel

The history-making launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, and its Tesla Roadster payload, on Tuesday (Feb. 6) drew crowds of reporters and enthusiasts, including 65-year-old Terry Scott Hilliard, who was found dead in his motel in Cocoa, Florida.

Space Station Supporters Prepare for Budget Battle

As the administration prepares to release a fiscal year 2019 budget proposal that may call for ending International Space Station operations in the mid-2020s, advocates for the station in Congress and industry are making the case for keeping it open.

A Lunar Corona Above Grand Place in Belgium (Photo)

This cityscape shows a colorful lunar corona on the left side of the Town Hall building in Brussels. A lunar corona is formed when bright moonlight is diffracted by water droplets in thin clouds that drift in front of the lunar disk.

Tesla Roadster Gets Interplanetary ID

The Tesla Roadster that launched aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket on Feb. 6 has been assigned an interplanetary ID number by NASA.

Want to Be Like Elon? 3D Print Your Own Falcon Heavy

To celebrate the excitement of Tuesday's (Feb. 6) Falcon Heavy launch, you can 3D print your own version of the rocket's payload fairing. The model is just big enough to fit a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car inside.