Eclipse Outreach


The SBVAA will have a Lunar Eclipse Public Outreach this coming Sunday, September 27th, 2015 at The Wildlands Conservancy Oak Glen Preserve.

Come on out for a night of fun under the stars.

The moon will rise in eclipse so we will get to see from mid-eclipse to end. 

All times in PDT

  • 5:11:46 p.m. — Moon enters penumbra
  • 6:07:12 p.m. — Moon enters outer edge of umbra
  • 7:11:11 p.m. — Moon completely in umbra
  • 7:47:09 p.m. — Mid-eclipse
  • 8:23:07 p.m. — Moon begins to emerge from umbra
  • 9:27:06 p.m. — Moon completely out of umbra
  • 10:22:33 p.m. — Moon leaves penumbra

Moonrise approx 6:40 pm (Los Angeles)

Event Date: 

Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 6:30pm


The Wildlands Conservancy Oak Glen Preserve 39611 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA 92399

Location Map: 

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